This is a list of Singaporean claims to supercentenarian status. As of yet, none of these have been verified - they are all unverified. Please do not add claims over 130. Those can go to longevity myths.

List of Singaporean supercentenarian claims

Please only use the following sources:

According to the Singapore Book of Records, the oldest person in Singapore's history was Yam Karicho, who died on 30 August 1977 at the age of 114.

Rank Name Sex Born Died Age
Fadilah Noor Abbe (b.IndonesiaIDN)[1] F 1897 2012 115 years
Yam Karicho (b.ChinaCHN)[2] F 1863 30 Aug 1977 114 years
Teresa Hsu Chih (b.ChinaCHN)[3] F 7 July 1898 7 Dec 2011 113 years, 153 days
Anthony Cher[4] M 1901 5 May 2011 110 years
"Mdm" Phang[5] F 13 Oct 1910 Living 110 years, 138 days


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