This is a list of Central American supercentenarians. Current validated data suggest that the climate of this region has a positive impact on extreme longevity. The number of cases older than 114 years seems to be higher than normal ... however, data for earlier ages (110–113) may be underrepresented. Data mining in this area is expected to contribute to a more complete understanding of the supercentenary population profile over time.

As the vast majority of the Central American population is of Roman Catholic faith, the absence of original birth certificates can in many cases be compensated for by using baptismal records to verify an applicant's veracity. The availability and accessibility of these records depends on factors such as the applicant's social class, local / national privacy laws, the willingness of the applicant's family and / or caregivers to cooperate with an age validation organization, etc.

For an unvalidated case to be listed, there must be a considerable chance of future verification.

List of Central American supercentenarians

      Deceased (Validated)       Living (Validated)       Pending       Unvalidated

Rank Name Sex Birth Death Age Country
María del Socorro García F 26 Sept 1905Living 114 years, 146 days SLV FlagSLV
Cruz Hernandez F 3 May 18938 Mar 2007 113 years, 309 days SLV FlagSLV
1 Clara Cedeno Tello F 12 Aug 190611 Jan 2020 113 years, 152 days PAN FlagPAN
2 Bienvenida Vergara Jaen de Cano F 6 Apr 19046 June 2017 113 years, 61 days PAN FlagPAN
Berta Cantillano [1] F c.17 July 1906?Living 113 years, 217 days? NIC FlagNICCOS FlagCRI
Cresencia Vallecillo [1] F 29 de outubro de 1899?2 de abril de 2012 112 years, 156 days? HON FlagHON
Faustino Vargas Perez M 27 Sept 189620 Aug 2008 111 years, 328 days COS FlagCRI
Celina Fernandez Pacheco F 22 Jan 190616 Oct 2016 110 years, 268 days COS FlagCRI
Jose Rodolfo Mojica [2] M 5 Apr 1908?Living 111 years, 320 days? NIC FlagNIC
Juan Pérez Gabriel[3] M 26 June 1908?Living 111 years, 238 days GTM FlagGTM
María Santiaga Gómez F 25 July 1908Living 111 years, 209 days SLV FlagSLV
María Inéz Sánchez [2] F 20 Apr 190812 July 2019 111 years, 83 days HON FlagHON
Elvira Paredes F 19 Oct 1908Living111 years, 123 days PAN FlagPAN
Bienvenida Aguilar Aizprua [4] F 22 Apr 1909Living110 years, 303 days PAN FlagPAN
María Bonifacia Portillo F 5 July 1909Living 110 years, 229 days SLV FlagSLV
Claudia Soto Saborio F 3 Nov 1909Living 110 years, 108 days COS FlagCRI
Francisca Castillo Carrillo F 3 Nov 190620 Dec 2016 110 years, 47 days COS FlagCRI
Eulofio Diaz [3] M 14 June 19099 July 2019 110 years, 25 days HON FlagHON
Maria Josefina Saldana [5] F 18 Feb 1902?23 Feb 2012 110 years, 5 days? NIC FlagNIC

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