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Leopold Kriegbaum
Leopold Kriegbaum
Kriegbaum at the age of 105.
Birth: 6 March 1911
Korneuburg, Lower Austria, Austria-Hungary
Death: 19 December 2017
St. Peter, Lower Austria, Austria
Age: 106 years, 288 days
Country: AustriaAUT

Leopold Kriegbaum (6 March 1911 – 19 December 2017) was an Austrian centenarian who was Austria's oldest living man for the last 45 days of his life.


Kriegbaum was born on 6 March 1911. He was one of seven siblings. His father died when he was 3, and 2 of his siblings did not survive childhood. He sought work as a teacher and graduated from a training institution in 1931. He had trouble finding work due to the Great Depression, but he became an elementary school teacher in 1934, and a secondary school teacher in 1938.

Leopold was drafted for war in 1941. Kriegbaum left service in 1943 due to a wound sustained in battle, as well as deafness in his right ear. He married Anna Christon on 10 November 1942, in the middle of the war. Their son, Gerhard, was born in 1947. Kriegbaum retired from work in 1973. Anna died in 1988.

Kriegbaum was still active later in life. He grafted trees up to the age of 90, and played the violin until he was 96. Kriegbaum never smoked nor drank alcohol, and credited chocolate for his longevity. His favorite foods were noodle soup and semolina pudding.

Following the death of Julius Frauerwieser on 4 November 2017, Kriegbaum became the oldest living man in Austria. He died on 19 December 2017 at the age of 106 years, 288 days. 105-year old Johann Simair succeeded him as the oldest living man in Austria.


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