Leola Washington
Leola Washington
Leola Washington on her 110th birthday.
Birth: 2 March 1901
Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
Death: 13 October 2013
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Age: 112 years, 225 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Leola Washington (née Williams) (2 March 1901 – 13 October 2013) was an American supercentenarian who was one of the oldest known people in Missouri when she died. Her case is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG).


Leola Washington was born Leola Williams in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, on 2 March 1901. Her parents were Nora and John Williams, the latter dying around a fortnight after Leola's birth. Leola and her mother later moved to the Mississippi Delta, where they raised chickens and hogs and grew cotton.

Leola moved to St. Louis, Missouri in 1954, where Leola met and married her husband, William Washington. Leola worked as a house cleaner for four families. William Washington passed away in 1961. Leola claimed that her marriage was her secret to a happy life. She moved to Garrison Care Centre when she was around 104. In her later years, she was known as Mother Washington. "Serving the man above" was her secret to living a long life.

Leola Washington died in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, on 13 October 2013 at the age of 112 years, 225 days.


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