Khasako Dzugayev (7 August 1860 - c. August 1970, but allegedly lived to at least 7 August 1975) is believed to be the first supercentenarian from South Ossetia and possibly the oldest living man between 21 March 1968 after the death of John Mosley Turner until his own death in c. August 1970.


Dzugayev was born in Tbilisi, Georgia on 7 August 1860. He was known as the "Bard of Ossetia" in his region, and claimed his only illness was a cold when he was 108[1]. He was a folk singer and poet specializing in composing music for folk legends of his district in the Republic of Georgia. His family numbers 70, including great-great-grandchildren. Dzugayev was last known to be alive in 7 August 1970, having just turned 110, but his age cannot be fully verified without knowing his exact date of death[2]. He was once listed in Guinness World Records as the longevity recordholder for Russia[3]. GRG has not verified his age.

His grandson, Kosta Dzugayev, who is a politician in the South Ossetian government, claimed that he lived to the age of 115, but this has not been verified.


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