Katarina Cavojova
Katarina Cavojova
Cavojova on her 110th birthday
Birth: 11 October 1881
Lom nad Rimavicou, Austria-Hungary (now Slovakia)
Death: fl. 3 January 1992
Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia)
Age: fl. 110 years, 84 days
Country: SlovakiaSVK

Katarina Cavojova [Slovakian: Katarína Čavojová] (11 October 1881 – fl. 3 January 1992) was a Czechoslovakian supercentenarian whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG). She was born and died in present-day Slovakia.


Cavojova was born in the village of Lom nad Rimavicou, then-Austria-Hungary, present-day Slovakia on 11 October 1881. Her parents also lived long lives. She had six children with her first husband, but only one son was living after World War II. She lived in Vysna Pokoradz. She moved to a nursing home in Tornal'a, now Slovakia, at the age of 100. Her only surviving son, who was 83 in January 1992, was living in the same nursing home.

Cavojova’s exact date of death is currently unknown. Some Slovakian sources say she died in 1991 due to "lung disease", but an article was published about her on 3 January 1992. So, her final age was at least 110 years, 84 days[1][2].


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