Kalimat Murzagaliyeva
Kalimat Murzagaliyeva
Birth: 5 April 1905?
Kudryashovo, Atyrau, Russian Empire (now Kazakhstan)
Death: fl. 12 May 2016
Marfino, Astrakhan Oblast, Russia
Age: 111 years, 37+ days?
Country: KazakhstanKAZRussiaRUS

Kalimat Temraliyeva Murzagaliyeva (Russian: Калимат Темралиева Мурзагалиева; 5 April 1905? – fl. 12 May 2016) was a Kazakh-Russian supercentenarian claimant whose claim is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG).


Kalimat claimed to be born in Kudryashovo, Atyrau, Russian Empire (now Kazakhstan) on 5 April 1905 in peasant family. In 1933, she married the teacher of the local school, Abulgaziz Murzagaliev. In 1941, her the husband went to the war and in 1945 he returned to his native village. In 1962, together with her husband and children, Kalimat moved to the village of Ikryanoe, Astrakhan Oblast and then to the village of Bolshaya Mogoi. She was married for more than 40 years. In 1982, after the death of her children and her husband, she moved to the village of Marfino, Astrakhan Oblast to live with her nephew.

At her claimed 110th birthday, she said: "My secret of longevity is my life of work and caring for my relatives". She was last reported alive on 12 May 2016 at claimed age of 111 years, 37 days. Then, she lived in Marfino, Astrakhan Oblast, Russia.


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