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Juliana Koo
Juliana Koo
Birth: 26/27 September 1905
Tianjin, China
Death: 24 May 2017
New York, USA
Age: 111 years, 239/240 days
Country: ChinaCHNUnited StatesUSA

Juliana Koo (née Yu-ying) [Chinese: 严幼韵] (26/27 September 1905 – 24 May 2017) was a Chinese-American supercentenarian who is currently unverified.


Juliana C. Young-Koo was born in Tianjin, China as Yen Yu-ying on 27 September 1905 to Yan Zijun. In 1925, she was admitted to the University of Shanghai, but in 1927 she was transferred to Fudan University, business, becoming the first female graduates of Fudan.

Her sister, Daisy Yen Wu (12 June 1902 – 27 May 1993) lived to 90 years old. Her sister, Yan Lin Yun (1903 – 18 May 2003) lived to the age of 100 years. [citation needed]

She married Clarence Kuangson Young on 6 September 1929. Her first husband, a Chinese diplomat, was posted to Manila at the beginning of World War II and was arrested and eventually executed by the Japanese. Juliana and her three daughters survived. Her daughters are Genevieve, Shirley and Frances Loretta Young. Her first husband was executed on 17 April 1942. She worked at the United Nations.

She immigrated to New York, United States with her future husband, Wellington Koo, in 1952. In September 1959 she married Wellington, another Chinese diplomat. Her second husband passed away in 1985 at age of 97.

Juliana Koo died on 24 May 2017 in New York City.[1]


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