Julia Sinedia-Cazour
Julia Sinedia-Cazour
Birth: 12 July 1892
Réunion, France
Death: 6 October 2005
Réunion, France
Age: 113 years, 86 days
Country: Réunion (France)REU, FRA

Julia Sinedia-Cazour (12 July 1892 – 6 October 2005) was a verified French supercentenarian. At the time of her death, Sinedia-Cazour was the oldest verified African person ever and the second oldest living French person, after Camille Loiseau. Her African longevity record was broken by Maria Diaz in 2011 but she remains the oldest person ever born in Reunion.


Sinedia-Cazour was born on 12 July 1892 in Reunion (an overseas department of France). Sinedia-Cazour married Pierre Sinedia in 1915 and had two children.

Marked by a strong religious conviction, Sinedia-Cazour was a very devout woman who regularly walked to mass until the age of 98. She was also a courageous political activist and militant for the Reunion Communist Party. Her professional career covered an array of jobs including periods working in the fields, as a maid for aristocratic landowners, as a dressmaker and as a seamstress at the Saint Louis Hospital. Sinedia-Cazour also was an activist and militant for the Communist Party of Reunion.

At the age of 112, Sinedia-Cazour still remained lucid, retained an excellent memory and kept abreast of the news. Her longevity might be partially attributed to a personal optimism: "This is someone who has given a lot of love in her life and who always positive," said one of the nurses at her nursing home. "She has very strong family values. She is modest, devout, shows wisdom and solidarity with other residents of the nursing home." Sinedia-Cazour outlived both her children.

Sinedia-Cazour passed away in Réunion, France on 6 October 2005 at the age of 113 years, 86 days.


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