Julia Flores Colque
Julia Flores Colque
Julia Flores Colque in 2018.
Birth: 26 October 1900?
Death: 24 August 2019
Age: 118 years, 302 days?
Country: BoliviaBOL
Longevity claimant

Julia Flores Colque (26 October 1900? – 24 August 2019) was a Bolivian supercentenarian claimant. If her claimed age were true, she would be older than the world's oldest validated person, Kane Tanaka.


Julia Flores Colque was allegedly born on 26 October 1900 in a mining camp in the Bolivian mountains. Growing up, she herded sheep and llamas in the Bolivian highlands until she moved in her teenage years to a valley, where she began selling fruits and vegetables. She never married and has no children.

Flores Colque lived in Sacaba, Bolivia. It was reported in 2018 that a few years previously she fell and hurt her back. The mayor’s office and a private foundation have improved her home, building a brick path where she walks, and a shower and toilet with a railing so she can safely make her way to the bathroom at night.

Flores Colque died on 24 August 2019 at the claimed age of 118 years, 302 days.

Age Issue

Birth certificates did not exist in Bolivia until 1940, and births previously were registered with baptism certificates provided by Roman Catholic priests. Flores Colque’s national identity card has been certified by the Bolivian government, but is a late-life document. Guinness World Records has not received an application for her, and she has said herself that she has not even heard of the book.


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