Jubee Nakamura
Jubee Nakamura
Birth: 10 December 1852?
Death: 4 November 1969
Age: 116 years, 329 days?
Country: JapanJPN
Longevity claimant

Jubee Nakamura (10 December 1852? – 4 November 1969) was a Japanese supercentenarian claimant. However, neither GWR nor the GRG ever recognized Nakamura as his case pre-dates the koseki birth registration period that began in the 1870s.

Jubee was a fisherman, until the age of 85. He also claimed his secret to longevity was eating sea urchins[1].

Nakamura died on 4 November 1969 at the claimed age of 116 years, 329 days. His statue is located in Hirata-choi, Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture[2]


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