Josefina Blas
Josefina Blas
Birth: 9 May 1915
Death: 24 June 2020
Talofofo, Guam
Age: 105 years, 46 days
Country: GuamGUM,United StatesUSA

Josefina Dorotea Mendiola Yamanaka Blas (9 May 1915 – 24 June 2020) was a Guamanian centenarian who is the oldest known woman ever from Guam.


Josefina was born in the village of Agat in the United States territory of Guam, on 9 May 1915. Her parents were Kioshi Diego Yamanaka and Catalina Mendiola Yamanaka. Josefina attended the College of Guam; and although she was unable to obtain a degree, she was an Educator for thirty-four years, teaching children in the 1st grade. She also worked as a salesclerk at Butler's Emporium. Her husband died in 1974.

On 7 June 1941, she married Mariano Mafnas Blas. They had nine children: Joseph Anthony, David Marion, Edward Richard, Peter John, Henry Vincent, Raymond Frankie, Catherine Rose Santos, Mary Doris Pablo and Thomas James. She is a devoted member of the San Miguel Catholic Church parish and the Confraternity of Christian Mothers in Talofofo. Blas and her granddaughter, Liza Mary Blas Matanane, did a documentary to tell of her experiences during World War II.

On 24 May 2018, local centenarians were celebrated at a Senior Citizens Month celebration on at an event organized by the Department of Public Health and Social Services Division of Senior Citizens. Besides Josefina Blas (aged 103 at that time), centenarians at event were Hae Im Yu Shim (aged 101) and Paz Mendiola Sablan (aged 100). On her 104th birthday, she was honored as Centenarian of the 2019 Senior Citizens Month. At that time, she had 43 grandchildren and 96 great-grandchildren.

Josefina died in the village of Talofofo, Guam on 24 June 2020 at the age of 105 years, 46 days.


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