Joanice Illidge
Joanice Illidge
Joanice Illidge at age 103.
Birth: 18 January 1910
Saint Martin
Death: fl. 22 January 2013
Quartier d'Orleans, Saint Martin
Age: 103 years, 4 days+
Country: St. Martin (FRA)MAF, FRA

Joanice Leopold Johannes Illidge (18 January 1910 – fl. 22 January 2013) was a centenarian from Saint Martin.


Joanice Illidge was born in Saint Martin on 18 January 1910. He was last reported to be alive on 22 January 2013 at the age of 103 years, 4+ days when he lived in Quartier d'Orleans, Saint Martin.[1][2] Joanice Illidge is currently oldest known man ever from Saint Martin.


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