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Javier Pereira
Javier Pereira
Birth: 1789?
Cordoba, Colombia
Death: 1958?
Age: 168 years?
Country: ColombiaCOL
Longevity myth

Javier Pereira (1789? – 30 March 1958?) was a Colombian Zenú indian man who reputedly lived over 168 years old. Pereira is an example of Longevity myth.


Pereira was ''discovered'' in 1954 in rural zone of Cordoba, Colombia. He was flown to New York City to be checked by teams of modern doctors. He was four feet four inches tall and weighed seventy-five pounds. He had no teeth but his hair was still brown. He had the blood pressure and arterial health of a young man, could easily stand on one leg and pirouette, apparently was able to do a cartwhell and to run several blocks and up a couple of flights of stairs without losing his breath. One doctor said he had the appearance of a man "more than 150 years old."[1]

Pereira had five wives, all of whom he outlived; Pereira even outlived all his children and even his grandchildren. Allegedly his last remaining grandchild had died in 1941 at the age of 85. It is unknown when he died, although some sources claim it was in 1958. The most specific death date reported is 30 March 1958 in his home town of Montería. His obituary was reported in Time for 14 April 1958 on page 88. In 1957, Colombia issued a postage stamp commemorating Pereira[2][3][4].


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