James Alexander Nehemiah Rhaburn (31 December 1904 - 21 March 2010) was a Belizean centenarian.


James Rhaburn was born in Belize on 31 December 1904. His father passed away when he was only fourteen years old and he had to drop out of school to work and look after his younger siblings. James Rhaburn passed away on 21 March 2010 in Crooked Tree Village, Belize at the age of 105 years and 81 days. He was survived by his caregiver Therese Tillett, sister Adora Rhaburn, children; Ionie Wright, Evan Rhaburn, Norma Gillett, Wincy Rhaburn, Bernice Sutherland, Elswith Estell, James Rhaburn III, Genevieve Comber, Maridell and Faye Rhaburn, 31 grand-children and a host of great-grand and great-great-grand-children, relatives and friends. At the time of his death he was believed to be oldest living man in Belize. James Rhaburn is currently second oldest known man from Belize after Sam Martinez, who died in United Kingdom in August 2016 at the age of 106.


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