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James Henry Brett, Jr.
Birth: 25 July 1849?
Suggsville, Alabama, USA
Death: 10 February 1961
Houston, Texas, USA
Age: 111 years, 200 days?
Country: United StatesUSA
Longevity claimant

James Henry Brett, Jr. (25 July 1859[1] (claimed 25 July 1849) – 10 February 1961) was a supercentenarian claimant from the United States, who allegedly became the oldest living person on 25 June 1959, after the death of another debunked case, Martha Graham (who was, like Brett, exactly ten years younger than claimed). If his date of birth was correct, he would have been the last surviving person born in the 1840's. However, in 2006, a 1930 US Census entry found by Robert Young called this case into question. A James Henry Brett, Jr., also of Houston, was 65 years old in April 1930, suggesting a birthdate in 1864 instead of 1849. Later research revealed that the earliest records for him suggested he was born in 1859, making him 101 years, 200 days old at his death rather than 96 or 111. Brett was first included in the 1963 edition of the Guinness Book of Records, for the record of 'oldest person to undergo surgery'. He had a hip operation on 7 November 1960. This "record" has since been broken more than once since then.


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