Izolda Krmpotic
Izolda Krmpotic
Birth: 2 September 1907
Jastrebarsko, Zagreb County, Austria-Hungary
Death: 13 September 2014
Zagreb, Croatia
Age: 107 years, 11 days
Country: CroatiaCRO

Izolda Krmpotic (née Polak; 2 September 1907 – 13 September 2014) was a Croatian centenarian who was the oldest person in Croatia, following the death of Paulina Prodan on 5 November 2012, until her own death.


Izolda Polak was born in Jastrebarsko, Zagreb County, Austria-Hungary (present-day Croatia) on 2 September 1907 to Ladislav Polak (27 August 1881 – 25 July 1955) and Berta Matsek (27 March 1881 – 6 May 1966). Her father was the Mayor of Jastrebarsko and a successful banker. Ancestors of her mother were a successful traders. She had French ancestors on her mother's side. She had brother, Fedor (9 March 1910 – 3 March 1985). Izolda and her brother attemted a primary school in Jastrebarsko. After she finished Volksschule, she moved to the city of Zagreb where she attemted a gymnasium. After graduation, she moved back to Jastrebarsko, where she met her future husband, Josip-Joja Krmpotic (1899–1981). Her husband was a lawyer.

After marriage, the couple moved to Slavonski Brod. During World War II, they moved back to Jastrebarsko. At that time, their daughter was born. After war, they moved to the city of Zagreb. Her husband died in 1981.

In a nursing home she became a friend with Zdenka Reiner, who died on 31 January 2015 at the age of 103. She lived in nursing home for 20 years.

Izolda died at a nursing home in the city of Zagreb, Croatia at the age of 107 years, 11 days. She was buried on Mirogoj Cemetery.


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