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Ivan Jaklic
Ivan Jaklic
Birth: 4 December 1899
Ljubljana, Austria-Hungary (present-day Slovenia)
Death: 21 January 2007
Omisalj, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Croatia
Age: 107 years, 51 days
Country: SloveniaSVNCroatiaCRO

Ivan Jaklic [Slovenian: Jaklič] (4 December 1899 – 21 January 2007) was a Slovenian-Croatian centenarian who was the oldest living man both in Slovenia and Croatia at the time of his death (he held a double citizenship). He was the first Slovenian man to reach 107 years of age and the last man born in the 19th century. He was also the last Slovenian and one of the last Austria-Hungary World War I veterans.


Jaklic was born in Ljubljana, present-day Slovenia (Austro-Hungarian Empire at the time of his birth) on 4 December 1899. He wanted to become a mechanic but his father did not agree with this decision. Instead he finished the agricultural school in Novo mesto, qualified as a gardener. He worked in this business until retirement.

At the time of World War I, in 1917, when he turned eighteen years old, he was mobilized into the military as an infantryman. He fought in the Austro-Hungarian Army on the Austria–Italy border (so-called Italian front) in Tyrol. Even in his old age, he still had scars on his head, caused by Italian grenades. After the war, he joined general Maister's fighters in the so-called Struggle for the northern border in Carinthia, Austria, but he did not take part in military operations.

After World War I he married his wife Valerija. The couple had five children (four daughters and a son). His wife passed away at 82. In his late years he moved to Omišalj, island of Krk, Croatia, to live with his daughter, Milica. After the dissolution of Yugoslavia, he held a double (Slovenian and Croatian) citizenship) and visited Slovenia frequently. In Omišalj, Krk, was known by his nickname "Vrtlar" (The Gardener), after his profession. He rode a moped until the age of 98. At 102, he traveled from Omišalj to Dubrovnik alone.

Ivan Jaklic passed away on 21 January 2007. According to his wish, he was buried in Ljubljana, Žale cemetery. At the time of his death, he was the oldest ever born Slovenian man. The Slovenian male longevity record was surpassed by Niko Dragos in 2014.


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