Irene Granger
Birth: 29 January 1913
Saba Island
Death: 4 September 2014
Windwardside, Saba Island
Age: 101 years, 218 days
Country: NetherlandsNED

Annie Irene Reenie Granger (née Every; 29 January 1913 – 4 September 2014) was a centenarian from Saba Island, an overseas territory of Netherlands.


Irene Granger was born in Saba Island on 29 January 1913.[1] She died in Home for the Aged nursing home in Windwardside, Saba Island on 4 September 2014 at the age of 101 years, 218 days.[2] Irene Granger is currently oldest known woman ever from Saba Island.


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