Ines Cecilia Marquez de Ramirez
Ines Cecilia Marquez de Ramirez
Ines Cecilia with her sister Ana Sara.

Ines Cecilia Marquez de Ramirez (born 2 May 1909) is a Colombian supercentenarian (if still alive) who is the one of the oldest living known people in Colombia.


Marquez de Ramirez was born in Salamina, Caldas to Rafael Marquez Restrepo and Rosaura Mejia de Marquez. When she was very young, her family moved to Armenia, Quindio Department. She married a man with the last name Ramírez (their husband had the same surname). Her sister, Ana Sara Marquez de Ramirez (25 July 1904 – 27 August 2016) was a Colombian supercentenarian who was the nation's oldest validated person on record. Ines Cecilia and Ana Sara were the oldest living siblings in Colombia until Ana Sara died.



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