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Ilka Zolnai
Ilka Zolnai
Ilka Zolnai on her 106th birthday.
Birth: 3 October 1889
Austria-Hungary (present-day Hungary)
Death: fl.3 October 1995
Budapest, Hungary
Age: 106 years, 0+ days
Country: HungaryHUN

Ilka Zolnai [Hungarian: Zolnai Ilka] (3 October 1889 – fl. 3 October 1995) was a Hungarian centenarian. At the time of her death, she was to oldest living person in the country.


Ilka Zolnai was born on 3 October 1889. She worked as a housewife in all her life, and never got married. She moved to a care home at the age of 100. On her 105th birthday, she was visited by the Mayor of Budapest.

Ilka likely became the oldest living person in Hungary upon Antalne Banga’s death in July 1995. She was last reported to be alive on 3 October 1995, her 106th birthday. Although her date of death is unknown, she presumably died before February 1996, when Istvanne Morocz was reported to be the Hungarian doyenne.


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