Hu Amei
Hu Amei
Hu Amei in April 2006, aged 111.
Birth: 22 January 1895
Pudong, Shanghai, Qing dynasty (now China)
Death: 7 March 2007
Xujia Lane, Pudong, Shanghai, China
Age: 112 years, 44 days
Country: ChinaCHN

Hu Amei [Chinese: 胡阿妹] (22 January 1895 – 7 March 2007) was a Chinese supercentenarian whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG).


Early Life

Hu Amei claimed to be born on 22 January 1895 in Pudong, Shanghai, Qing dynasty (now China). She never left her home in her life, and never had a work in her life. She married Tangqiao aged 27, and had a son (aged 83 in 2005, but deceased as of 2007) and a daughter, Xie Yueling [Chinese: 奚月玲] (aged 81 in 2007). Amei had 8 grandchildren (one of her granddaughters is Xi Fenglai [Chinese: 奚凤来]) and 15 great-grandchildren. She raised one of her great-granddaughter, and used to live with five generations (a dozen of persons) in the same house.

Amei used to work in the fields, and farmed flowers and vegetables in her own garden. She woke up around 6 a.m. (or 9 a.m. if the weather was worse), and went to bed around 8 p.m. She also used to take the lunch during two hours. Even if she ate vegeterian meals, she also liked meat and fish, and at breakfast, she ate milk with eggs and sesam grains after having drinking some water.

Amei liked to tell her children and grandchildren stories of her time, in order to make them happy of ther life. She was described as a kind person, who didn't quarrel, and who likes little things of the life like chatting with her neighbours, speaking and laughing with her grandchildren, or lounging at sun.

Her granddaughter Lu said that Amei is a "typical Chinese woman, kind, conscientious and thrifty. She will have a grateful heart forever." She also said that "she always remembers the good things of others, and thinks only about good things when problems come, and never worries about troubles."

Later Life

At age 100, Amei was energic, could picking and washing vegetables, and washing her house. In her centenarian years, she lost her teeth, but kept on eating four meals by day. Since the death of 112-year-old Lu Jianping in October 2005, she was reported to be the oldest living person in Shanghai.

In 2006, aged 111, Amei was reported to sat properly on a chair, and to dress herself every day on her own. On Double Ninth Festival in 2006, she was visited by Han Zheng, the Party Secretary Committee of Shanghai by interim.

Some days before Chinese New Year in 2007, her grandson Changsun Xi [Chinese: 长孙奚] washed her house and changed her bedding, then he stated that Amei caught a cold and coughed. Her health improved, but five days before her death, she began to cough again, and her family brought her to hospital for making a check-up. Everything was normal, aside the fact that her brachial tubes were burned. She was quite tired, and ate 6 wontons made by her granddaughter before going to bed.

Amei died in her sleep in Xujia Lane, Pudong, Shanghai, China on 7 March 2007, at the age of 112 years, 44 days. Her last wish was that the younger generations were in good health. Following her death, then 108-year-old Zeng Lejun became the oldest living person in Shanghai.



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