Hilda Kopsi
Birth: c.1907
Nea village, Santa Cruz island, Solomon Islands
Death: fl. 17. February 2013
Solomon Islands
Age: 105 years, 47+ days
Country: Solomon IslandsSLM

Hilda Kopsi (c.1907 – fl. 17. February 2013) was a centenarian from Solomon Islands.


Hilda Kopsi was born around 1907 in the village of Nea on Santa Cruz island, Solomon Islands. She was reported to be 105 years old when she survived a tsunami that hit the island on February 6. She was struck by the wave and pushed her inland through all kinds of debris. She said she could not think of a thing. She got stuck to a tree root, with only her head above the water mark. She was just so fortunate that her nephew, Lazarus, was nearby, who swam to where she got stuck and rescued her.[1] Hilda Kopsi was reported to be oldest tsunami survivor at the age of 105 and she is currently oldest known woman ever from Solomon Islands.


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