Henry Weber ( June 3 1849-July 21 1917 ) was one of the oldest known British soldiers to fight in World War I.


Henry Weber was born in Tonbridge England. He went Pembroke College in Oxford and graduated in 1870. In 1874 he married Emily Morris. He and Emily had a total of 9 children. Three of his sons joined to fight in the war and this motivated Henry to join in fighting the war along with his sons. Due to him being 20 years above the age limit his request to join was denied several times. Eventually on July 26th 1915 he was able to join the army. He fought in the 7th South Lancs battalion who were involved In preparing the Anglo-French offensive operations for the Battle of The Somme and other events the capture of La Boiselle on July 3rd 1916.


He died at night on July 21st from a head injury that was caused by a bomb shell that hit he,11 other men and 3 horses.




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