Henrietta "Henri" Dobin (born 17 Aug 1911) is an American centenarian.


Henrietta Dobin was born in Newark, NJ, United States on 17 August 1911. Her family moved to Brooklyn when she was 5. Throughout her life, Dobin said, she’s had many adventures. She hitchhiked to Texas to visit her boyfriend Solomon when he was in school, visited Russia once it was re-opened to American tourists and went to Israel after it reclaimed the Western Wall in 1967. Dobin has traveled to almost every continent. She married Solomon Dobin, who died in 1993. She met Solomon in 1930. They were married for 60 years and lived in Far Rockaway, Queens, until their children, Myra and Steven, were married. They then moved to East Rockaway, where Dobin lived for 35 years. Her daughter Myra Markowitz was born in 1937. Dobin currently lives in North Woodmere, New York. She works at a museum for 2 days a week. She lives in the Bristal Care Center for Seniors.


Henrietta Dobin 107th birthday Bristal

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