Hedviga Sekerasova
Hedviga Sekerasova
Birth: 26 October 1902
Starej Bystrici, Austria-Hungary (now Slovakia)
Death: 23 June 2011
Dolnej Súči, Slovakia
Age: 108 years, 241 days
Country: SlovakiaSVK

Hedviga Sekerasova [Slovakian: Hedviga Sekerášová] (26 October 1902 – 23 June 2011) was a Slovakian centenarian and, at the time of her death, may have been the oldest living person in Slovakia. 

She was born in Stará Bystrica, Austria-Hungary (now Slovakia), on 26 October 1902. She never married nor had children. Sekerasova died on 23 June 2011 in Dolná Súča, Slovakia at the age of 108 years, 241 days.[1]


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