Hattie Mitchell
Hattie Mitchell
Hattie Mitchell in 1976
Birth: 28 February 1872
Polkton, Michigan, USA
Death: 22 November 1983
Spokane, Washington, USA
Age: 111 years, 268 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Hattie Mitchell (née Birdsall; 27 February 1872 - 22 November 1983) was an American woman notable for her long lifespan.

Hattie was born as Hattie Lenora Birdsall in Polkton, Michigan on 27 February 1872 to parents John and Mary Barry Birdsall. She grew up in Michigan and married Daniel Burgenmaster on 24 December 1896. The couple had three children together. She was widowed in the 1910s and remarried for a second time before being widowed again.

Later in life Hattie moved to Spokane, Washington to live with one of her sons before moving to a nursing home shortly before her 105th birthday. Hattie Mitchell died in Spokane, Washington on 22 November 1983, aged 111 years, 268 days. Her case is currently unverified.


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