Gudrun Nymoen
Gudrun Nymoen
Gudrun Nymoen at age 109.
Birth: 26 October 1910
Age: 109 years, 361 days
Country: NorwayNOR

Gudrun Nymoen (born 26 October 1910) is a Norwegian centenarian who is the oldest living person in Norway.


Gudrun Nymoen was born in Norway on 26 October 1910. She has experienced both World War I and World War II, received electricity in her home as a 30-year-old and watched her four children grow up and retire. Nymoen was a driven flatbread baker, remembering the time when she could stand and bake all day - to the neat daily salary of one penny. She has lived in Osen all his life, and until the mid-1940s the living room on Tverenberget was the home of her family, which then consisted of the married couple and children Paul and Astrid. Although Nymoen believed she has had a pretty untrammeled life, this is where she experienced the two most dramatic events of her life - when the house burned in 1944 and seeing airplanes landing on Lake Ocean at the beginning of World War II. However, the family who lived in the thickest forest, was protected from much of the consequences of the war. Nymoen has traveled extensively, both at home and abroad, and has seen and experienced more than most.

She became the oldest living person in Norway following the death of Petra Hogetveit on 23 May 2020.


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