Gudrun Bjornsdottir
Gudrun Bjornsdottir
Birth: 20 October 1888
Vopnafjörður, Iceland
Death: 26 August 1998
Gimli, Manitoba, Canada
Age: 109 years, 310 days
Country: Iceland ISLCanadaCAN

Gudrun Bjornsdottir (Icelandic: Guðrún Björnsdóttir) (20 October 1888 – 26 August 1998) was an Icelandic-Canadian centenarian and the oldest person ever born in Iceland.


Gudrun Bjoerg Bjornsdottir was born in Vopnafjoerdur, Iceland on 20 October 1888, however, she moved to Canada with her parents at an early age.

On 2 November 1996, she passed the final age of Halldora Bjarnadottir of 108 years, 43 days, and became the oldest Icelandic-born person.

She died in Betel, Gimli, Manitoba, Canada on 26 August 1998 at the age of 109 years, 310 days.

Bjornsdottir still holds the national Icelandic longevity record (for people born in Iceland, anyway, as she did not die there).


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