Gheorghe Covaci
Gheorghe Covaci
Birth: 23 July 1905
Dej, Cluj County, Austria-Hungary (now Romania)
Death: 15 January 2014
Turnu, Arad County, Romania
Age: 108 years, 176 days
Country: RomaniaROU

Gheorghe Covaci (23 July 1905 – 15 January 2014) was a Romanian centenarian and, at the time of his death, may have been the oldest living man in Romania and one of the oldest living people in Romania.


Gheorghe Covaci was born in Dej, Cluj County, Austria-Hungary (now Romania) on 23 July 1905. In 1940, he was enrolled in the army and participated on the Eastern Front in the battles from Cahul (today belongs to the Republic of Moldova). After August 23, 1944, he participated on the western front for the liberation of Transylvania and the battles for the liberation of Budapest.

After the end of the war, he worked on repairing the Cluj-Turda railway and on other yards for three years. Then he returned home to Arad, where he worked for retirement at the Arad Sugar Factory. In 2004, he moved to Turnu.

Gheorghe Covaci married in 1931 with Bizo Maria, with whom he had a child. He had four grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildren.

Gheorghe Covaci died in Arad County, Romania on 15 January 2014 at the age of 108 years, 176 days.


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