Since the revival of Gerontology Wiki began in May 2014, a significant amount of improvements have been made and as we enter 2016, the Wikia will continue to grow at an exponential rate. While not as strict as Wikipedia in terms of notability and referencing, there are certain guidelines that should be adhered to in order to establish and maintain quality content.

Notability (biographies)

Articles about any verified supercentenarians are welcome here, whether there is biographical information about the subject or not. The article must be sourceable to guard against hoaxes. Naturally, since there are currently many supercentenarians without their own pages for which excellent sources exist, it is encouraged to focus on them first. It makes for a better reading experience when details such as early life descriptions, working career, marriage, physical shape as a supercentenarian, etc. are available.

When it comes to centenarians, they may not be suitable for a stand-alone article if the age is too low (i.e. 101 years old), although there could be exceptions. Please try to limit articles on centenarians to those noted for reasons other than age, those 108+, or special cases such as "oldest living twins."

Manual of style (biographies)

Maiden names are generally bolded (preceded by the French word née, which means ”born”). Note that different nationalities may have different naming conventions. Diacritic marks should be avoided in the article titles out of consideration for the majority of readers/editors that don’t have such characters on their computer/smartphone keyboard. However, original spellings can be written out in brackets as alternative spellings.

Copyright (biographies)

Manual of style (tables)

A large amount of Gerontology Wiki articles consist of tables and lists. Unlike biographical articles, lists can only contain a limited amount of information due to shortage of space. If a (super)centenarian’s name is too long, it may be a good idea to shorten it, unless the person is clearly associated with the full name (i.e. Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper).

Date format

There is a consensus among editors to go with the date format 1 January 1900 rather than January 1, 1900. In tables, in order to save space, the month name can be shortened to Jan, Feb, Mar, etc.

Uploading images

Classification (color codes)

Age template

The following template is the simplest way of calculating a living person's current age: {{AgeYD|year|month|date}

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