The Gerontology Research Group (GRG) was started in 1990 by Dr. L. Stephen Coles and Stephen Kaye as a group of researchers in gerontology who meet monthly at UCLA in Los Angeles, California.[1] In 1995, the GRG added the website, and in 1998 began tracking the world's oldest validated living people. In 2000, the Gerontology Research Group became the gerontology consultant for Guinness World Records. [2][3] The group tracks people over the age of 110.[4][5] The group was co-founded by L. Stephen Coles who is the Director and Treasurer of the Supercentenarian Research Foundation.[6] [7] The other co-founder was Steven M. Kaye.[1] Editions of the Guinness World Records through the year 2008 indicate that the the Gerontology Research Group is used as its authority for its "World's Oldest Living People" category, which the group verifies using birth and marriage certificates.[8][3][9][10] The New York Times wrote that the GRG has been recognized as "an authority on the matter" of verifying supercentenarians.[10][11] The group started as an organization to investigate the limits of life spans in all mammalian species, and around 1998-1999 they started a committee to investigate claims to find out who was the oldest person at any point in time.[3] As of 9 June 2016, the organization is monitoring 49 people whom they have validated as living supercentenarians, of whom 47 are female and 2 are male. This does not include additional pending claims under investigation.

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Current membership, which is over 500 persons, in the GRG includes:

  • GRG Executive Director (2014-present) Johnny Adams; GRG system operator, business administator; GRG member from 2000
  • Robert Young, Director, GRG Supercentenarian Research and Database Division (2015-), M.A., M.A., USA; GRG member from 1999
  • Dr. Aubrey DeGrey, founder of SENS, USA-UK
  • Hubert Warner[12]
  • Dr. Leonid Gavrilov (University of Chicago)[13]
  • Stan Primmer, M.A., USA
  • Dr. Andrew Holmes, UK
  • Dr. Luc de Lay, France
  • Chris Law, M.A., UK
  • Waclaw Jan Kroczek, DMD., Poland
  • Dr. Harold Katcher, USA
  • Mark Muir, USA
  • Dr. Leonard Hayflick
  • Marco Wikkerink, M.A., Netherlands
  • Dr. George Church, USA
  • Ricardo Pereira Lago, Brazil
  • Tiago José Soares, Brazil

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