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George Stocking
Birth: 14 June 1579
Suffolk, England
Death: 25 May 1683
Connecticut, United States
Age: 103 years, 345 days
Country: United Kingdom UK United StatesUSA

George Stocking (14 June 1579? — 25 May 1683) was a British-American centenarian claimant who could be the first centenarian in recorded history, and one of only two discovered so far born in the 1500's, the other being Moses Wheeler (1598-1698).


George Stocking was born on 14 June 1579 (although he claimed 1582) in Glemsford, Suffolk, England to parents George (1550-1610) and Alicia (née Jakes; 1562-?) as the oldest of 7 siblings. His siblings were:

Richard (15 December 1580-?)

Alicia (July 1585-?)

Dorotha (29 October 1587-?)

Maria (4 February 1592-?)

Agneta (1598-?)

Lionellus (?-?)

He married Agnes Shotwell before 1633, the year he emigrated to Massachusetts, USA on the ship Griffin. He had 4 children with her: Lydia, Sarah, Hannah and Samuel.

George Stocking died on 25 May 1683 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA, at the claimed age of 103 years, 345 days.