GRG Supercentenarian Forum is a branch of the Gerontology Research Group organization, founded in December 2011 by Mark E. Muir and Robert Douglas Young. It is a sub-section of the GRG Supercentenarian Research and Database Division (from 2015), formerly the GRG Supercentenarians Department.

The purpose of the GRG Supercentenarian Forum is to allow GRG researchers a place to internally communicate with each other, maintaining confidentiality. The idea of the GRG Supercentenarian Forum started with Robert Douglas Young. Young noticed that some GRG researchers has sub-organized structures, such as a "Nordic supercentenarians" forum maintained by the late GRG-Norway correspondent Celvin Ruisdael. Young suggested that it would be a good idea to expand this model of internal cooperation to a world-scale model, while still allowing national sub-units.

The GRG Supercentenarian Forum was also seen as a way to allow faster intra-division communications between GRG researchers.

Contrary to what some outside sources might believe, the GRG is invitation-only, not open-source. Members must be approved. Those involved in confidential document collection and analysis must sign confidentiality agreements.

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