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Fu Jiangshi [Chinese: 的付姜氏] (2 April 1897? – fl. 25 November 2014) was a Chinese longevity claimant.


Jiangshi claimed to have been born on 2 April 1897, in a farming village in Shandong Province. She grew up in the Yellow River area. She had seven children, five of which were living in 2010, with the eldest two being nonagenarians. Her family, consisting of 6 generations, all lived together. She was bedridden since 1987.

In 2002, Fu Zhizhong, her youngest son, who worked as a prison guard in Ningxia, returned to his hometown to take care of his mother. According to her son, Jiangshi's husband passed away very early due to illness.

Jiangshi is currently in limbo, last confirmed alive on 25 November 2014 at the claimed age of 117 years, 233 days. At that time, she lived in Cao County, Shandong, China.


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