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Frederikke Sigvardsen
Birth: 2 July 1875
Funningur, Faroe Islands
Death: 23 November 1980
Gjogv, Faroe Islands
Age: 105 years, 144 days
Country: Faroe Islands (Denmark)FRO,DenmarkDEN

Frederikke Sigvardsen (née Joensen; 2 July 1875 – 23 November 1980) was a Faroese centenarian.


Frederikke Marie Sigvardsen was born in Funningur, Faroe Islands on 2 July 1875. Her parents were Jacob Pauli Joensen and Maren Sophia (née Thomassen). She had three siblings.

She married Petur Jacob Sigvardsen and had one children: Carl Jacob Sigvardsen (1905–2007), who lived to be 102.

She died in Gjogv, Faroe Islands on 23 November 1980 at the age of 105 years, 144 days.[1] She was oldest woman ever from Faroe Islands until Laura Hojgaard passed her age in December 2017.