Francisca Castillo Carrillo
Francisca Castillo Carrillo

Maria Francisca Isolina Castillo Carrillo (born 3 November 1906) is the oldest known living person in Costa Rica following the death of Celina Fernandez Pacheco (1906-2016).


Maria Francisca Isolina Castillo Carillo was born in Matina, Guanacaste, Costa Rica as the daughter of Tomas Castillo, a Cuban immigrant. Francisca had her first son, Paul, at the age of 15 and later had four more children. She said that she never married or lived together with a man for a longer time because they would get violent while drunk. [1]

Francisca Castillo currently lives in Mansion, Guanacaste and became a great-great-great-great-grandmother at the age of 106 in 2013.[2]


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