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Feroz-ud-Din Mir
Feroz-ud-Din Mir
Feroz-ud-Din Mir at the claimed age of 141.
Birth: 10 March 1872?
Death: 29 August 2014
Age: 142 years, 169 days?
Country: PakistanPAKIndiaIND
Longevity myth

Feroz-ud-Din Mir (10 March 1872? - 29 August 2014) was a longevity myth who claimed to be 142 years old at the time of his death.


Feroz-ud-Din Mir claimed to have been born in Pakistan on 10 March 1872. He was married 5 times and has 10 children. His spouse at the time of his death was 60 years younger than his claimed age. He was a fruit and nut trader for many years.

At the claimed age of 141 Feroz-ud-Din Mir was still in good health as he was able to walk but his eyesight was bad and he spoke in a broken voice.

Feroz-ud-Din Mir health declined during the last years of his life and very seriously before his death. Though Feroz-ud-Din Mir stated that he did not feel his age. He said that when he was younger it was easy to get from Pakistan to India because there was no border.

Feroz-ud-Din Mir died on 29 August 2014 at the claimed age of 142 years, 169 days. If his age was correct then he would have been the oldest man as well as person living in the world at the time of his death. In addition he would be the oldest person ever by 20 years, 5 days. Also, if his claimed age were true then all of the World's Oldest People from Jeanne Calment until Jiroemon Kimura (26 people) would never have held the title.