Feride Hyka
Feride Hyka
Birth: 7 August 1896?
Durres, Luzi Vogel, Albania
Death: fl. 18 March 2010
Age: 113 years, 222+ days?
Country: AlbaniaALBItaly ITA

Feride Hyka (7 August 1896? – fl. 18 March 2010) was an Albanian-born Italian supercentenarian claimant whose age is currently unvalidated by Gerontology Research Group (GRG).


Feride Hyka claimed that she was born in Durres, Luzi Vogel, Albania on 7 August 1896.[1] Later she emigrated to Umbria, Italy. Feride Hyka was last reported to be alive on 18 March 2010 at the claimed age of 113 years, 222+ days when she lived in Italy.[2] She was believed to be oldest living Albanian woman in Italy then.


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