Felicity Crump
Felicity Crump
Felicity Crump at age 105.
Birth: 21 January 1913
Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK
Age: 108 years, 6 days
Country: GuernseyGGYUnited Kingdom UK

Felicity Crump (born 21 January 1913) is a centenarian from Alderney.


Felicity Crump was born in Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK on 21 January 1913. Her father, Francis Impney, fell in love with Alderney on a visit in around 1930. He rented Fort Corblets from the War Department until the beginning of World War Two, then afterwards he bought it from the States and his family would summer there every year. In 1978 Felicity retired to Alderney and quickly became caught up in island life, volunteering with the music society, the art club, the Wildlife Trust and the Alderney Society. Felicity also wrote a book called The Alderney Cow, which is still on sale at the museum, and became a shareholder of The Journal.

She voted in the 2018 Alderney general election.[1]

Felicity Crump currently lives in Alderney, Channel Islands, UK, at the age of 108 years, 6 days. She was reported to be oldest living resident in Alderney.[2][3][4][5]



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