Fahrija Ljaljević Mučić (5 September 1896? - 16 August 2012) was a Montenegrin longevity claimant.


Fahrija Mucic was born in Podgorica, Montenegro. Her maiden name was Ljaljević. She was well remembered for the Turkish army, its officers and escapees, the fighting, their withdrawal from the Balkans, and old Podgorica. She has witnessed many wars. She remembered the fighting of the Turkish army as a little girl, the Balkan wars and the First and Second World Wars. She lived in nine states, Turkey, Austria-Hungary, the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, three Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro. When the Fahrija came to the press and they asked her some questions, she often did not hear, so her grandchildren would have to repeat it to her. She always said to herself that she is the oldest person in Montenegro. She had seven children, 24 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren[1].

Fahrija Mucic died in Podgorica of natural death in 16 August 2012 at the claimed age of 115 years and 346 days. Her age has not been confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records because, according to some registry information, it is possible that Fahria was actually born in 5 September 1902. This would mean that she did not die at the age of 115 but 109. However, this claim has not been fully substantiated since these Registers were created after her birth[2].


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