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Eugene Simoneau
Eugene Simoneau
Eugene Simoneau on his 100th birthday in 2017.
Birth: 25 April 1917
French Guiana
Age: 104 years, 149 days
Country: French GuianaGUF,FranceFRA

Eugene Simoneau [French: Eugène] (born 25 April 1917) is a French Guianese centenarian who is the oldest known living person in French Guiana.


Eugene Simoneau was born on 25 April 1917 in French Guiana, the son of Louis Simoneau (1877–1922) and Raphaelle Galatee (1887–1960). He had a sister, Lucie, who died in 2004 at the age of 89, and also a half-brother and two half-sisters.

When speaking about his youth, Simoneau tells his family that it was "a time when the houses still were open, when everybody knew each other."

Simoneau married Claire du Boulay (1917–1957), and had 5 children: Nicole, Marie-Helene, Simone, Jean-Claude and Monique. As of 2017, they gave him 11 grandchildren (including Cedric) and 7 great-grandchildren. He worked as an attaché of prefecture during 45 years.

In April 2017, Simoneau celebrated his 100th birthday with his family and his former colleagues. He was made an honorary citizen of Cayenne. At the time, he was still watching the news in his country, recently marked by the 2017 social unrest. He said: "They are right. I followed all of it at radio, and if I were sturdy, I would have gone with them."

Following the death of 104-year-old Eudora Caberia on 22 March 2021, Simoneau became the oldest known living person in French Guiana.

Simoneau currently lives in Cayenne, French Guiana, at the age of 104 years, 149 days.


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