Etelvina Benancio dos Santos
Etelvina Benancio dos Santos
Birth: 5 October 1896
Death: 3 October 2010
Age: 113 years, 363 days
Country: BrazilBRA

Etelvina Benancio dos Santos (5 October 1896 - 3 October 2010) is a Brazilian supercentenarian claimant whose age is currently unvalidated.


The rural worker who was born in the 19th century, went through the 20th century and witnessed the transformations of the 21st century always attentive to the family and with great humor. "I've always been very attached to the saints and now they do not want to let me go," joked the serene old lady during the visit of the mayor.

Etelvina recalled the church celebrations and countless times in which she dedicated herself to collective prayers in the interior of Tibagi. "At that time we would do the 'pull' [voluntary collective work system], help someone in the field and the person would offer a ball. I enjoyed the youth very much, "said the elderly woman, who was widowed three times. Another curious fact of his trajectory is the coexistence with the Monk Saint John of Mary, legendary prophet who passed through Tibagi at the beginning of the last century. "He was my godfather of baptism," he said.

His last wish was not fulfilled. She intended to re-find the brothers, or meet nephews and other relatives who have been lost throughout centennial history. Calina, Castorina, João Crespim dos Santos, Manolo and Leonoro are the names of the brothers of Etelvina and, as indicated by the memory of the sweet old lady, all lived in the region where today is the city of Rio Branco do Ivaí, central region of Paraná. 


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