Ese Gebelek
Ese Gebelek
Ese Gebelek in May 2020.
Birth: 1 July 1894?
Aydın Province, Ottoman Empire (now Turkey)
Age: 126 years, 210 days?
Country: TurkeyTUR
Longevity claimant

Ese Gebelek [Turkish: Eşe] (born 1 July 1894?) is a Turkish longevity claimant who is a survivor of COVID-19.


Ese Gebelek claims to have been born in Aydın Province, Ottoman Empire (now Turkey) on 1 July 1894.

As of May 2020, she had 13 children (including Hamdullah Gelebek) and around 400 grandchildren.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Gebelek contracted COVID-19. By May 2020, she had successfully recovered.

Ese Gebelek currently lives in Kahramanmaraş Province, Turkey, at the claimed age of 126 years, 210 days.


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