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Emma Begay
Birth: 3 November 1887?
Mariano Lake, New Mexico, USA
Death: 6 April 2007
Prewitt, New Mexico, USA
Age: 119 years, 154 days?
Country: United StatesUSA
Longevity claimant

Emma Bodie Begay (3 November 1887? – 6 April 2007) was a Navajo-indian, who was claimed to be 119 years old[1].


Begay was born in a hogan in the Mariano Lake area, New Mexico, USA in the late autumn of 1887, according to her granddaughter, Rosita Smith. She said her grandmother worked as a weaver, sheepherder, farmer and homemaker. Begay had twelve children, three of whom were alive when she died and 20 grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren, as well as fourth- and fifth-generation descendants. Begay was widowed in 1974 when her husband, Santiago Begay of Alamo, N.M., died.

Begay died in Prewitt, New Mexico, USA on 6 April 2007 at the claimed age of 119 years, 154 days.