Elvira Larsson
Elvira Larsson
Elvira Larsson on her 107th birthday.
Birth: 27 July 1908
Ovansjo, Gavleborg, Sweden
Death: 16 January 2019
Ockelbo, Gavleborg, Sweden
Age: 110 years, 173 days
Country: SwedenSWE

Elvira "Viran" Larsson (27 July 1908 – 16 January 2019) was a Swedish supercentenarian whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG). She was the second-oldest living person in Sweden behind Carl Mattsson.


Tea Elvira Larsson was born on 27 July 1908 in Ovansjö, Gavleborg County, Sweden. At the time of her birth, Gustaf V was King of Sweden and she once saw him in Storvik. Elvira claims that growing up in 1910s was not like today. She had many aunts who took care of her. She grew up in Hamrånge. In 1927 and 1928, she attended Västerberg Folk High School.

At the age of 26 she met her future husband, Anders Larsson. They had two children: Anna-Lisa and Marianne. They moved to Hamrånge where they worked at the brewery, together with Anders two brothers. She was always active in the church.

Following the death of Hertha Akerlind on 10 July 2018, Larsson became the oldest living woman in Sweden.

Tea Elvira "Viran" Larsson lived in Ockelbo, Gavleborgs lan, Sweden where she died on 16 January 2019 at the age of 110 years, 173 days. After her death, Ada Persson of Hyssna, Vastra Gotalands lan, became the oldest living woman in Sweden as well as the last surviving woman in Sweden born before 1910.


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