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Else Ronsch
Else Roensch.jpg
Else Ronsch at age 110
Birth: 17 March 1904
Ahlbeck, Germany
Death: 5 October 2015
Heringsdorf, Germany
Age: 111 years, 202 days
Country: GermanyGER

Else Ronsch [German: Rönsch] (née Burmeister; 17 March 1904 - 5 October 2015) was a German supercentenarian who was the oldest living person in Germany from the death of Margarete Dannheimer on 2 July 2015 until her own death three months later. She was the last person living in Germany to have been born in 1904.


Ronsch was born in Ahlbeck, a town located on the island of Usedom in 1904 as the oldest of three siblings to a plumber and worked in the family establishment as office clerk. Else Ronsch was not married until the age of 66. Finding true love was hard work, she revealed on her 110th birthday. Until 2010, she was living on her own. Aged 106, she left her hometown of Ahlbeck and moved into a nursing home in Heringsdorf where she was visited by her relatives from time to time. Ronsch never had children. At her 110th birthday she claimed to be a young woman hidden in a old coat.

Else Ronsch became Heringsdorf's first honorary citizen in September 2015. She died on 5 October 2015 at the age of 111 years and 202 days and was succeeded as Germany's oldest person by 110 year-old Herta Oeser. Else Ronsch was the last person living in Germany, and next to Luzia Mohrs (who lives in Brazil) the penultimate German person worldwide, to have been born in 1904.


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