Else Assmann
Else Assmann
Aßmann at age 110
Birth: 18 February 1902
Glashütte, Prussia (Brandenburg)
Death: 15 February 2013
Berlin, Germany
Age: 110 years, 363 days
Country: GermanyGER

Else Assmann [German: Aßmann] (née Kaiser; 18 February 1902 – 15 February 2013) was a German supercentenarian who was at the time of her passing at age 110 years, 363 days the oldest living inhabitant of Berlin. She is verified.


Assmann was born as first of three children in Glashutte bei Baruth, Brandenburg on 18 February 1902 as first of three children to Alfred Kaiser (1874–1947) and Bertha Kaiser (née Bosdorf; 1882–1937) on 18 February 1902. It was the same day Berlin U Bahn came on stream. Assmann was christened Else Berta Anna. Her father owned a glass factory so that Aßmann was raised in wealth. She went to a girls' secondary school in Potsdam. On 23 December 1917 she met Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein when she was confirmed in Garrison Church, Potsdam. Aßmann wanted to study medicine but as daughter of a rich family she was sent to a school for domestic economy in Dresden.

She married Paul Arthur Erich Assmann, who was the confidential clerk of her father’s factory, on 21 September 1925. The couple had 2 children, called Gisela and Horst, and lived in Baruth until 1945. Assmann remembered detailed that she and her children hid in the forest’s mangers. In 1948 the family’s factor was socialized so they decided to move to Berlin. Assmann's husband died in 1967.

At age 100, she broke her leg – at age 105 the other one. Assmann lived on her own until the end, occupying a two-room flat in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. She was in a good mental and physical condition.

Assmann passed away 3 days shy from her 111th birthday, on 15 February 2013 at the age of 110 years, 363 days. At the time of her passing she was the oldest living inhabitant of Berlin and Germany's second oldest living person behind Gertrud Henze.


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