Ellen Brandenborg
Ellen Brandenborg

Ellen Brandenborg (born 7 January 1906) is a Danish supercentenarian who is currently unverified. She is, at 115 years, 162 days old, the 2nd oldest living person in Denmark, after Signe Højer.


Ellen Adelaide Brandenborg was born on 7 January 1906 in Skørping. She was called Adelaide by her French grandmother. Her father was a watchmaker and Ellen's family moved to Copenhagen, when her father got a job as a foreman at a large watchmaker and royal court. She said her mother taught her how to make good food with lots of vegetables. Her mother passed away at 98. In 1929, Brandenborg travelled to Montreal, Canada to work in the house. She met Carl Brandenborg at the Danish Church. He worked as an engineer and a sailor. They married and had 4 children. The family moved to Denmark in 1936. The family ended up buying a house in 1940 on Voldbækvej 11 in Brabrand. After her husband's death in 1982, Ellen moved in apartment Kløverparken.

Ellen said that healthy food and joy of life is the recipe for a long life. Now she lives in Aarhus, Midtjylland.


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