Eliza Underwood
Eliza Underwood
Birth: 15 March 1866
Clinton, North Carolina, USA
Death: 27 January 1981
Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Age: 114 years, 318 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Eliza Underwood (née Brown; 15 March 1866? – 27 January 1981) was an American woman, who at the time of her death might have been the oldest person ever.


Eliza Jane was born as the daughter of former slaves Charlie and Violet (née Butler) Brown, in Clinton, North Carolina on 15 March 1866. She grew up in Clinton and was reared by a family of white neighbors. She married her husband Isham Underwood in 1890 and shortly thereafter moved to Georgia. Her only daughter, Lenorah, was born in 1891.

The family also adopted another daughter, Minnie, born in 1912. The family later moved to Columbia, Mississippi and stayed there for the next several decades. Eliza was widowed in 1953 and in 1973 she came to San Antonio, Texas to live with her daughter Lenorah. Lenorah died in 1979, after which Eliza moved in with her adopted daughter Minnie in Washington, District of Columbia.

Eliza Underwood died on 27 January 1981, aged 114 years, 318 days. At the time of her death she might have been the world's oldest living person, the oldest American ever as well as the oldest person to have ever lived. Her age is currently unverified.


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